Class Descriptions


                                        Tone and Groan

Tone up and get in shape with specific exercises for firming and toning those problem areas.





Fitness dance

Cardio Fit and Tone

A fun packed total body workout to get the heart and lungs working, move your body to great music followed by toning for amazing arms, perfect pins, awesome abs and a dainty derriere!!







Suitable for all ages and all levels of fitness

The class gets started with a warm up, then using equipment we work all the major muscle groups plus a few more….. and the cardiovascular system

Fun and friendly class





Fitness Pilates 

The aim of Fitness Pilates is to identify basic postural and movement imbalances  through Pilates based exercises and breath, to increase muscular balance and strength. Improve posture, core strength and mental cognition and the facilitate the ability to optimally function occupationally and recreationally.




outdoor bootcamp

Outdoor Boot Camp

Shape up, shift weight and look great. Combinations of body weight , free weight and cardio exercise to lift your spirit and raise your heart rate





Fitness Pilates is more of a functional approach to the traditional Pilates class. It still applies the main principles of Pilates such as Breathing, Centering, Concentration, Balance and Control, but it also involves more functional movement for every day life. We don’t spend our life lying on the floor so the class consists of a warm up, standing exercises and floor exercises which are all designed with fitness in mind. Fitness Pilates will improve overall body strength with the main emphasis on your back and core muscles. It will also help to improve posture, mobility, joint problems and tone your body. There is a lovely relaxation section at the end to really help you unwind and relax. So…why not give it a go? It’s real ‘you’ time.

Fitness Pilates is a modern, research based group fitness class created for the apparently healthy adult. It is neither remedial, clinical nor is it designed for rehabilitation. Fitness Pilates utilises all of the principals and includes many of the mat work exercises in traditional Pilates, but offers modifications, diversifications and updated exercise prescription to provide a controlled body conditioning program appropriate for the general public.



Mature older people lifting weights

50 Plus – Young at Heart

Fun and simple dance steps put together to motivational music specially selected for the Young At Heart. Our friendly mixed group of participants get together to improve balance, co-ordination, muscular strength and bone density all whilst  socialising with like minded people!




seated exercise 2

Seated Exercise

Suitable for the less mobile this class brings together dance moves and strengthening  exercises whilst sitting in a chair.





One To One

Sarah Bragg is able to offer a 1-2-1 service for anyone who would like to have a more specific and personal service. Either an exercise programme designed for an individual or working closely with weight management programme Sarah can help. For more information either call or email.





Small Group Training- Train with friends and family

Do you have a group of friends or family members that you want to work out with? We are able to help and encourage to build a great team, maybe you are training for a race, getting ready for a wedding or maybe you all have the same goal but are unable to attend a class due to other commitments, whatever your needs we can help.

A programme tailored to your needs, delivered in a friendly and caring way.



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