“I have been going to Sarah’s classes for well over 10 years now, it is a part of my week and lifestyle now and I can’t imagine not doing them. I have a great time losing myself in the music during a routine with the friends I’ve made. Sarah is always enthusiastic and pushing us out of our comfort zones and we are getting fitter and stronger without realising it. Her nutritional advice has been very helpful to me personally too, I did her weight loss bootcamp to quit the sugar habit I had and the empty calories I was eating. It was very successful and I lost over a stone in weight and turned my eating habits around which was very beneficial to my health and compliments my fitness too. 

Dawn Bowler

“I have been coming to Sarah’s keep fit classes for many years.  I started with Aerobics which is a combination of exercise with a dance routine which makes it interesting and fun.  Sarah changes the routine every few weeks, so keeps it fresh and she is always putting in new ideas.  In all the years I have been coming, I have never got bored of it.

I also do the circuits class on another night and this is a real good workout where we are always encouraged throughout the hour to push ourselves and work as hard as we can.
Sarah has a wealth of knowledge about fitness and about healthy eating, as she keeps herself up to date with all the new information out there. You can ask a question about nutrition and she’s always willing to advise.
I have found her welcoming, knowledgeable, encouraging and her classes very enjoyable. You feel like you have really done some exercise by the end of them.

Gill Lindsey

” it’s amazing how different my body looks. I cant stop looking at myself now where as before …i used to hide myself under baggy clothes and not look in a mirror. This is definitely a must if you have been on other popular diets and failed, this is a way of life for me now, I am never going back. Thank you Sarah xx.

Michelle Hall

“The classes are so much more than just keeping fit.  They provide a support to one another’s efforts to get fit/lose weight/feel better/be sociable.  There is also an opportunity to take part in a variety of classes, learn about nutrition and deal with weight control issues

Maria Gamble

‘I have been going to Sarah’s keep fit classes for more years than I want to share with you: although I thought I was reasonably fit I came away discovering muscles I didn’t know existed, but still couldn’t get that elusive flat stomach or waist back.

Rachel Hartshorne

While waiting for one class of a Sarah’s classes to start we were all chatting and I discovered everyone else was feeling much the same … bloated, tired and despite many different diets things had never changed! Sarah mentioned that maybe we could benefit from her ‘Boot Camp’: I am a big skeptic of diets but I was assured it wasn’t a diet just a change of life style so I signed up!!


Through a combination of detoxing and then reintroduction of some food groups the classes began! We worked harder than ever before, going to four classes a week and even an early morning one…ouch! We cut wheat, gluten and dairy products out, introduced nuts and fruits and recipes that I hadn’t tried before all under the guidance of Sarah’s expert help. We were encouraged to take our measurements at the start and keep a diary of what we ate and how we felt but kept it to ourselves, sharing only if we wanted to!


The affect was instant… I had more energy and slept better than ever: but the icing on the cake was still to come…. although I only lost a stone in weight overall I lost 5 yes 5 inches from round my waist and gain the flat stomach I’d always wanted…. no bloating!!! 1.5 inches from my thighs and and inch from my arms. Everyone I met said how well I looked and to be honest I felt amazing. I’d discovered the secret…. I had a new way of eating that I enjoyed and exercises that I could do at home and I can honestly say it changed my life. I have never gone back to my old ways: I eat wheat free products and avoid dairy when I can and I have never suffered from that premenstrual bloated feeling ever again, all thanks to Sarah ‘Boot Camp’! I recommend you give it a try…what have you to lose!!’

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